Reasearch & Development

Current and Past Projects:
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Research & development for our wood boats is a priority here. CF Boatworks is taking on this 14′ Riva project. Riva’s only outboard designed in the early 50’s with a 25hp Evinrude. Some 140hp models were built between 1950 and 1957. We are happy to have received a good set of plans that cover all details allowing us to replicate this amazing boat. Frames include double gussets, seat risers, side battens, keel cut-outs and all other details as per original plans.

Research and Development for Boating, 20' SAILING HYDROFOIl


We take research & development for boating seriously here and Bill Coffman at CF Boatworks is taking hydrofoil technology to the next level. This patented design is now a working 20 foot prototype that is being tested and perfected in the waters off South Florida. In initial sea trials, she clocked two times the wind speed. Up to now multi-hulls have taken center stage in the hydrofoil speed sailing arena because of their wide beam. This monohull tri-foiler is expected to change all of that.

Research and Development for Boating, 20' SAILING HYDROFOIl

This is where the research & development for boating begins to pay off. Here we see early stages of the build, showing the hydrofoil’s monohull. This boat turned out to be really fast on the water!

Research and Development for boating, rapid prototyping


Rapid Prototyping allows for faster and lower cost prototypes and model fabrication by eliminating most of the manpower and expensive tooling which allow CF Boats and its customers to bring our products and designs to the market much quicker than our competition.

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